"Stocks are going down, Mark. I’m not ready for this company to go under"

I’m really not good at social media. I think this goes back to my high school days—I feel really awkward! I don’t know where I fit in in the Twitter-sphere of things. I don’t feel like people care what I’ve just eaten for dinner because I don’t really think I’m that special. I do really like to tweet about things that I think are really important to me or things that I want to share that inspire me because I think that’s great. I’m lucky that I have a platform to do it.

"We get out now, or we die trying."

Teen Wolf AU: For as long as Derek can think, he’s been in the family business - in his family’s case, that’s being an assassin for hire. When Peter gives him the name of a new target, with the additional task of extraction information, he doesn’t question his orders. However, Stiles isn’t easy to get close to, and as he slowly gets closer to him, Derek has to admit that maybe he is drawing this assignment out longer than strictly necessary. And more than that, he’s beginning to fall hopelessly in love with Stiles, a factor that doesn’t stay unnoticed by Peter and that comlicates things even further when Derek finds that he is unable to pull the trigger on Stiles even if it means putting his own life at risk…

My twin bro came to the maze runner screening w me, he ‘loved it’ and had no idea what it was abt beforehand so that’s cool (he’s v fussy) also this picture is cringe but O WELL

I can’t get over how /brilliant/ the maze runner is I’m so excited for everyone to see it!!

SOOOOO I saw The Maze Runner and oh my GOD it is actually amazing and wonderful and intense and beautiful and Dylan is a god damn movie star I was beaming the whole way through the film I feel like a proud mama!!!!

teen wolf + tilt shift 3/?

This is your birth.